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Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally - RESPeRATE
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A Strong Medical & Scientific Foundation

Guided by a world-renowned Scientific Advisory Board, InterCure, the maker of RESPeRATE, is committed to evidence-based medicine, clinical validation and a sound scientific foundation.

The Company has already demonstrated strong clinical validation for RESPeRATE. Clinical achievements for RESPeRATE, our non-drug medical device for lowering blood pressure, include:
The first and only medical device indicated for the adjunctive treatment of hypertension.

14/9 mmHg average sustained blood pressure reductions within 8 weeks.

No side effects, no drug interactions.

Results of six clinical trials were published in peer-reviewed medical journals. [1-5] .
Average High Blood Pressure Reductions

Each point represents the office systolic blood pressure (BP) of the 141 patients in the RESPeRATE treatment group.


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